State of The Art Cardiology Services Saves Young Lady's Life
28 Jun, 2017

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Cardiac Surgery at Wockhardt Hospitals

“Expertise and Clinical Acumen with Specialised cardiology imaging services, at Wockhardt Hospital manages a rare heart condition”

A Young lady presented herself to Wockhardt Hospital Adventist Surat, complaining of recurrent headache with flushing of face, numbness of limb associated with chest pain and palpitations with hypertension. Dr Daval Shah on examination found an alarming variation in blood pressure readings of 250/100 at Upper limb, 100/60 at lower limb.

According to Dr. Daval, who was managing her case, felt that such readings are rare for patient who comes to be treated for cardiac pain associated with secondary hypertension and further wanted to investigate the case.

Quick and prudent action was taken to ascertain accurate diagnosis and the underlying reason for this abnormality. Dr Daval advised a non-invasive cardiology study, 2 D Echo at the hospital.

The investigation revealed an interesting image of interrupted aortic arch type A with left ventricular hypertrophy (enlargement). The 2decho was instrumental in clinching the diagnosis of the patient. To further ascertain the diagnosis she was advised an Aortogram which was also suggestive of Interrupted arch of aorta Type A.

Interrupted aortic arch (IAA) is an uncommon congenital anomaly representing approximately 1% of congenital heart disease and usually occurs as a complicated neonatal surgical emergency. It is a defective gap between the ascending and descending thoracic aorta. In a sense it is the complete form of a coarctation of the aorta.

Due to the vulnerability of the case it was decided to perform a cardiac surgery after due diligence.  Under the capable hands and clinical expertise, a procedure called Aortoplasty was done by Dr. Dhaval Shah and Dr. Snehal Patel.”. The procedure was carried out to surgically repair the Aorta and in order to save the patient and prevent further complications.

“The procedure brought out a dramatic reduction in the blood pressure of the patient and relieved the symptoms. Her blood pressure came down from 200/100 mm Hg to 100/76 mmHg.” mentioned Dr Shah. “We realised that she was now out of danger”.

The patient was managed in the ICU and completely monitored for all cardiac functions, which reached optimum levels. Thereafter, patient was discharged as all vital parameters were within normal limits and patient did not have any complications. She was advised antiplatelet drugs and antihypertensive drugs for further management at home. Follow ups with the cardiologist and 2D echo revealed improvement in the heart and no complications.

The young lady was highly grateful to Wockhardt hospital and the doctors for treating a condition that had gone undiagnosed for so long and gave her second chance to a better quality and healthy life.


The Successful outcome of the patient is another feather in the cap for our cardiology department at Wockhardt Hospital and our esteemed doctors who handled the case brilliantly. 

For over two decades, Wockhardt Hospitals has dedicated its services in the field of cardiac care in India and can proudly claim the spot of the market leader in heart care in India.

Wockhardt Hospital, Surat is a specialized and one of the best cardiology hospitals and is recognised as a centre for excellence in Gujarat, committing to preventing, improving and repairing heart and vascular health.

Through a comprehensively designed program consisting of contemporary medical invasive and non-invasive procedures, state of the art operation theatres and robust diagnostic support, we offer the entire realm of heart care from diagnosis to rehabilitation. The proficiency, precision and skill of our cardiac services demonstrate our pioneering contributions in this field.

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