Rotablation picking up among Nagpur cardiologists
14 Jun, 2018

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Dr Nitin Tiwari, interventional cardiologist at Wockhardt Heart Hospital, performed a rotablation (also called as rotational atherectomy) on an 81-year-old patient from Madhya Pradesh in his 100% blocked left arterial descending (LAD) artery and obtained extremely good results.
“In persons requiring angioplasty with highly calcified and blocked arteries, rotablation is a pre-requisite to angioplasty. But rotablation can never be a substitute to angioplasty. These patients have such severe blocks that balloon used in angioplasty doesn’t pass through the vessel at all and there is no other option but to adopt this technique,” Dr. Tiwari told TOI.
Nagpur City interventional cardiologists are now using ‘rotablation’ technique to open highly calcified blood vessels more often than before. Though not all cardiologists are doing it as is a demanding procedure, those who are using the technique are finding it very handy in case of aged patients and patients with allied complications.
Big congratulations to Dr Nitin Tiwari, Wockhardt Heart Hospital, Nagpur and clinical team members who proved “Life wins’.

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