Wockhardt Hospitals celebrates International Nurses Week by launching a ‘Nightingale Club’
12 May, 2015

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The club is a first-of-its-kind initiative in the country

Wockhardt Group of Hospitals observed International Nurses Week (06 – 11 May) across all its hospitals. The theme for this year’s event was ‘Nurses: A Force for Change: Care Effective, Cost Effective’. To recognise the efforts put in by the nurses the hospital will be rewarding those who have completed five years of service with a gold coin.

Wockhardt Hospitals connected and engaged with the nursing teams at all its branches through various programmes like technical quiz, poetry competition, rangoli competition, etc. The top scorers in these activities were given prizes. While these nurses care for the patients, the hospital cares for them. To showcase the same the nurses department performed a short skit on educating their peers and all staff on women’s safety at workplace.

There were also personalised messages on cards that were given to these nurses by their respective department heads to acknowledge the efforts put in by nurses.

With an aim to engage nurses even after they have left the organisation and promote excellence in patient care, the HR Department at Wockhardt Hospitals launched an initiative in the industry – ‘Florence Nightingale Club’ for Nurses on the occasion of International Nurses Day (which is also Florence Nightingale’s Birthday!), As part of the club, members are entitled to a robust reward and recognition system, knowledge and skill-enhancement initiatives, periodic engagement activities, knowledge-sharing portal, associate support-centre and much more. The club was inaugurated by distributing club membership cards and awarding the initial spot recognitions to the Nurses who excelled in their performance during the Nurses Week.

Zahabiya Khorakiwala, MD, Wockhardt Hospitals, said, “We recognise the efforts that nurses put in tirelessly through their compassionate, life-changing contributions to the life of patients and their families. While we honour our nurses’ daily commitment to deliver patient-centered care, improve patient outcomes, we celebrate this day to recognise these efforts and reward them for the tireless work they perform.”

Susanna C, Corporate Head Nursing, Wockhardt Hospitals, said, “Being at the forefront of patient care, acknowledging the efforts put in by nurses will lead to improved patient care – which is our primary goal. This day is an extension to recognise the efforts that they put in throughout the year.”

Dr Rajani Tewari, Corporate HR Head, Wockhardt Hospitals, said, “Nurses are the heart of any hospital, and it is important to keep it pumping regularly by infusing it with the right energy and with the launch of the Florence Nightingale Club club, we aim to do just that!”

She added, “A good nurse leader is someone who can inspire others to work together in pursuit of a common goal, such as enhanced patient care. They hold the key to transforming healthcare in terms of work practices and enhanced patient care, because nurses are visionary, creative, involved in decision making at patient level and have gender-based qualities, and communication strategies the healthcare sector needs. We engage them and celebrate this day to keep their motivation levels high.”


Saturday, 12 May 2015. Source: Express Healthcare


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