Wockhardt Heart Hospital, Nagpur inaugurated in 2004, has the privilege of being the first hospital in the city to perform Angiography by the Radial method. It has a full-time expert team of cardiologists and cardio-surgeons to drive its cardiac services. A round-the-clock ICU ensures timely care in cardiac emergencies. It is supported by skilled and qualified nurses and advanced technology. Geared with 50 beds, two Cardiothoracic Operation Theatres, a Cardiac Catheterization Lab and a Dedicated Cardiac Ambulance, it also has a 24-Hour Emergency Heartline. All these services are supported strongly by advanced technology. The Lab comprises of the Philips Integris HM2000 with C-arm geometry, HF generators, High Resolution II/TV system, Digital Imaging System, and a CD recording system. The system is very well-suited for high resolution angiographies. With its heavy-duty tube, it is a work horse for angioplasties stenting procedures and other interventional vascular procedures.

Nagpur, the largest city in the Vidharba region has one of the highest literacy rates in India. It is known as ‘Orange City’, famous for the ‘Nagpur Orange’ and a major trade center for orange cultivation. At the centre of the city lies the Zero Mile Stone, the point used to measure distances of all cities of India. It has a vibrant culture and hosts events throughout the year. With a distinct cuisine, known as Varhadi or Saoji, the food here is especially spicy. Special spices such as black pepper, dry coriander, bay leaves, grey cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and ample use of poppy seeds (couscous) are the hallmark of the region, especially used in mutton or chicken dishes.

Wockhardt Hospitals, Nagpur is located 5 km away from the airport. Nagpur airport, named the Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport, also has a domestic terminal. The domestic terminal runs flights to 16 major cities of India. With airlines such as Air India, Jet airways, GoAir and IndiGo etc., it is connected to the major domestic airports of the country. The international terminal is a new, integrated one and for now, operates flights out of the Middle East. Air Arabia departs from Nagpur airport to and from Sharjah. Road and rail connectivity is slightly better in Nagpur. The nearest bus stand, Kalol, is located 5.9 km away which is ideal to take state buses across various cities of Maharashtra. Similarly Nagpur Railway Station, 9.5 km away from the airport, is connected by rail to different parts of India.

Located in the heart of the city, Wockhardt Heart Hospital, Nagpur is equipped with:
  • 50 patient beds (12 ICU and 5 SICU)
  • Cardiac Catheterization Lab
  • Dedicated Cardiac Ambulance and 24 Hour Emergency Heartline
  • Multi-axial ceiling mounted interventional radiology system for diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in vascular management cases
  • DSA, Stent boost and X-ray Dose monitoring (for enhanced image quality) leading to least dose administration to patient
  • IVUS and FFR facility for accuracy in identification of vessel blockage
  • State-of-the-art operation theatres managed by a dedicated AHU system and laminar flow assembly for organism-free ambient conditions
  • High-end OT table, anaesthesia machine (both gas & electric driven assembly), LED OT lights, ESUs, Ceiling mounted pendent, Pacemaker, IABP machine
  • Backed up 7 bedded SICU equipped with all necessities to manage Cardiac surgery patient.


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Geographical Details


27, Corporation Colony,
North Ambazari Road,
Nagpur – 440033
Call: (+ 91) 0712-6624444
For Emergency: (+91) 0712 – 6624400
E-mail : contact@wockhardthospitals.com

Languages Spoken

English, Hindi, Marathi

International Helpline

Email US : treatment@wockhardthospitals.com


Patient Assistance


  • To acknowledge patient and family right and responsibilities and the hospitals’ responsibility to respond to each patient with personal dignity and respect in a trouble free environment.
  • To formulate and adopt a hospital wide policy to ensure the respect for patient’s individuality, safety, privacy and dignity; and also to support patients and family’s right to know about his/her health and illness.


  • Keep safe your passport and visa documents with yourself. If possible do carry photocopies of the passport and travel documents. Store the copies in separate luggage bags for security.
  • Do not handover your passport and travel documents with unknown people.
  • Carry all documents related to patient medical history. It is advised to carry a photocopy of such file and store in separate luggage from the original.

Hospital Guidelines

  • Only two visitors per patient are permitted at a time.
  • Visitors must wear the Visitors Pass issued by a public safety officer while in the hospital.
  • Visitors under the age of 12 are generally not allowed on the floor, except with special permission.
  • Smoking by patients, visitors and staff is strictly prohibited.

Lodging Near Hospital

  • Hotel Ashoka
    WHC Road, Aath Rasta Square, Laxmi Nagar, Nagpur - 440022
    Contact Number: 0712-6888859
  • Hotel Chidambara
    Ramdaspeth Nagpur
    Contact Number: 0712-2449924
  • Hotel Herdeo
    Munje Marg, near Laxmi Theater, Sitabuldi, Nagpur
    Contact Number: 0712-6684888
  • Hotel Heritage
    Beside Tata Motors showroom, Near VCA ground Civil Line, Nagpur.440001
    Contact Number: 0712-2520240
  • Hotel Tuli Imperail
    Central Bazar, Ramdaspeth, Nagpur - 440001
    Contact Number: 0712-6653555

Nearest Embassy Locator

MEA Advisory

You can visit the Indian embassy in your country to help you plan your travel. Please visit the MEA website for further details.

To see a list of counsulates in India, please click here.

Guidelines for Foreign Nationals


You can submit your questions and report with Wockhardt Hospitals via email – treatment@wockhardthospitals.com. We assure you that all your submissions will be kept confidential and shall be only shared with team of doctors. 

You need to provide as much details possible for doctors to evaluate and give best treatment plan. A sample list of desired information is given below. 

  • Provide details of patient’s condition. Provide information in detail like pain areas any other symptoms. Any doctor/physician evaluation report if done in the local city by the patient is also important. If you permit and doctor agree we would actually like to initiate discussion with your doctor to understand your medical symptoms. If doctor permits post treatment in India we would like to brief doctor on your care plan and work with him to provide life time care.
  • Please do provide any medical evaluation reports like blood reports, X-ray, MRI, CT scan etc. If you do not have digital copies of such reports please take a clear photograph of such reports against proper lighting. You can use your camera phone for this.
  • Provide photographs of affected body area. You can take clear photographs from your camera phone also. Just ensure proper light while taking photograph.
  • Please inform if patient suffers from any co-morbid condition like diabetes, HIV, Sickle Cell… Identification of such conditions is very essential for planning safe treatment. Wockhardt Hospitals under its standard procedure evaluates patient for such condition on arrival to India before starting treatment to ensure patient safety.
  • Providing details of any medical history patient has like any procedure/operation the patient had undergone before.
  • Also give details of any hereditary illness/ medical condition which you are aware. We understand that patient may not be always aware of such condition however such small information helps us plan better and safe treatment for you. 
  • Please submit your contact details – email, phone number, address to enable us to reach you at the earliest.