Reconstructive urology is a highly specialized field of urology that restores both structure and function to the genitourinary tract.

Prostate procedures, trauma (auto accidents, gunshot wounds, industrial accidents, straddle injuries, etc.), disease, obstructions, blockages (e.g., urethral strictures), can require reconstructive surgery.

The urinary bladder, ureters (the tubes that lead from the kidneys to the urinary bladder) and genitalia are other examples of reconstructive urology.

These procedures require hospital settings and need careful assessment of types of trauma and/ accidental injury, type of surgical intervention for management of a disease or a disorder, patient’s general health, urological issues, possible risks and contraindications. These cases are reported as accidental cases and need immediate attention. Other parameters of the patient also need to be monitored and hence at times multi-specialty support to deal the medical emergency is required. A well-supported institutional infrastructure can deal with such cases.

These procedures are fairly successful. The outcome also depends on many other factors such as general health of the patient and other co-morbid health issues and impact of trauma on other organ systems.

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