Proctoscopy is medical procedure used to examine the anal cavity, rectum, or sigmoid colon with an instrument called a proctoscope. The procedure is also known as rectoscopy.

The proctoscopy procedure is done prior to rectal surgery or conducted as part of a physical examination of a patient with hemorrhoids, rectal bleeding case, removal or monitor polyps, screening of  cancer, cause for diarrhea or constipation or other symptoms of a rectal disorder .

The meaning of proctoscopy technically means that it’s a visual medical procedure done through a hollow tube-like speculum for inspection of the rectum and anal cavity.

Ensure that the rectum is cleaned by an enema before the procedure. The procedure is done in the opd and does not require anesthesia. The doctor will use a lubricating agent before to examine the rectum and then insert the proctoscope .Air is introduced to help doctor see well for any lesions.

Proctoscopy side effects:

Complications are rare you may experience rectal bleeding as a result of the insertion of the proctoscope or infection.

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