Nowadays gallbladders are removed by laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Steps of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy include that the gallbladder is removed through a small slit in the abdomen using small tube-like instruments called a laparoscope. It is a tube-like instrument having a camera and surgical instruments attached, which are used to take out the gallbladder with the stones inside it.

  • This procedure of removal of gall bladder is painless as compared to GALL BLADDER removal surgery (open cholecystectomy)
  • This types of gall stones removal surgery is less likely to cause less complications, and has a faster recovery time.
  • A laparoscopic procedure for treatment for gallstones, is preferred if it is appropriate for the patient. This type of gallbladder removal surgery is done under general anaesthesia and usually takes 20 minutes to one hour.

Complications of Gall Bladder Surgery through Laparoscopy:

Complications may include bleeding, infection and injury to the duct (tube) that carries bile from your gallbladder to your small intestine.

In case you are experiencing any of signs or symptoms related to GALL BALDDER diseases or would like to know treatment of gall stones, gallbladder surgery, and removal of stones in gall bladder, please contacts our centres at Wockhardt Hospital

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