Menopause is the stage in a woman’s life when menstruation stops and a woman can no longer bear children. This phase leads to gradual depletion in the production of female hormones estrogen and progesterone.

The fluctuations in hormone levels cause discomfort such as hot flashes (a sudden sensation of warmth, sometimes associated with flushing, and often followed by sweating) and sleep disturbances, vaginal dryness and mood changes. These symptoms can be well treated by supplementary hormonal treatment. This therapy is known as “hormone therapy” (previously called “hormone replacement therapy” or “HRT.”)

Estrogen therapy is the most effective prescription medication to treat menopausal symptoms. Depleting estrogen levels also lead to bone loss in women (osteoporosis) disturbs lipid metabolism and increases cardiovascular risks. The hormonal therapy helps to prevent this bone loss, helps maintain metabolic equilibrium. This treatment must be under strict supervision of the treating clinician.

Hormonal Therapy helps women endure the discomfort of menopausal symptoms and helps to the meet the challenges of the new phase of life with pride and confidence.

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