Heart valve surgery is used to repair or replace diseased heart valves. Blood flows between different chambers of the heart must flow through a heart valve.

Human heart has four valves namely Tricuspid, Pulmonary, Mitral and Aortic Valves. If a valve is not working correctly, blood flow is impaired either by leakage or by back flow.

If a valve is narrowed blood flow through the heart gets restricted. In other words the person does not get enough oxygen and the heart is deprived of oxygen leading to fatigue and fainting episodes. The minor valve problems are treated with medication.

But if the heart valve damage is severe, a procedure is required to repair or replace the malfunctioning valve. The valve repair and replacement surgeries are high risk surgeries and must be performed only in the well-equipped institutions under specialists.

The valve repair and replacement surgeries help repair and replace the defects in the flow of blood in the heart chambers offering a long term solution in fact almost a lifelong solution to the patients.

Types of Valvular Surgery

  • Aortic valve surgery.
  • Balloon valvuloplasty.
  • Heart valve repair or replacement surgery.
  • Mitral valve repair surgery.
  • Tricuspid valve surgery.
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