Laxman , An 8 Year Old Nepali Boy Had Fallen From The Attic
07 Nov, 2016

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Laxman, an 8 year old Nepali boy had fallen from the attic and was severely injured. After many misdiagnosis in six hospitals, Ram brought his son to Wockhardt Hospitals, Mira Road where he was treated and cured under the guidance of Dr. Imran Shaikh and his efficient team. On humanitarian grounds, a discount of one lakh rupees was given on the total bill amount because at Wockhardt Hospitals we firmly believe, Care Wins, Life Wins.
  • Laxman , An 8 Year Old Nepali Boy Had Fallen From The Attic
    Laxman , An 8 Year Old Nepali Boy Had Fallen From The Attic

Little drops of water make an ocean. Something similar happened in case of 28-year-old Nepali citizen Ram Saha. Until, two days ago, he was reeling under a heavy loan that he had drawn for his son Laxman's treatment. On Sunday, he was beaming with joy. Of the Rs 1.6 lakh that he had borrowed two months back, upto fifty per cent was repaid by good samaritans around the world who came together to help Ram after reading his story in DNA on September 7 that read—'Nepali man works 24 hours non-stop to pay son's medical bills.'

After many obstacles and misdiagnoses in six hospitals in Nepal and India, Ram landed at private-run Wockhardt Hospital in Mira Road to salvage Laxman's ruptured liver. Laxman had fallen of the attic in his village and his abdomen had hit the bed, post which he was critically bleeding internally. Ram was having sleepless nights for a month, doing double duty at Kandivali-based Akshar Co-operative Housing Society and later in the evening at a local clinic to pay off his loans.

following the story, DNA received over twenty emails and replies on twitter inquiring how Ram could be helped. One such reader was Hong-Kong based business professional Rishabh Pandey, 33, who offered to run a fortnight-long crowdfunding campaign to raise money for Ram.As many as 37 donors from all over the world, some anonymous, others who identified themselves, donated to the cause an amount ranging from Rs 1500- Rs 7000. Pandey who initiated the campaign chipped in Rs 2000. "Rs 80,000 were transferred to Saha's account last week. When I read Ram's story, I thought let me put myself out there and try. Ram went about his work with dignity and never uttered a complaint. I did not feel pity for him, in fact I respected him and that is why I helped him by running the campaign. It is for the first time that I ever did something like this, especially putting myself out there and asking people to join in the cause that I was championing," Pandey told DNA.

"I have received the money and I don't know how how to express my gratitude for this kind of gesture. Laxman is doing great and I will take him to our village in Nepal this week. He will re-start school," said Saha.Ambarish Shah, a member of Akshar Co-Operative Society, had lent Rs 50,000 to Ram to repay hospital bills. "I received my money on Sunday. Ram had also raised loans from other persons, whom he will repay with the remained amount," said Shah.Salonee Pareek, 30, a marketing professional from Ahmedabad who contributed to the campaign said, "It feels good to have helped for a cause. I came across the link on Facebook posted by a friend. When we order a pizza or go out for a movie, we end up spending Rs 2000 or more in one go. For somebody on the other end of the spectrum, this small contribution can make a world of a difference."

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