A former MLA from Latur district undergoes a simultaneous kidney and liver transplant surgery
10 Jan, 2017

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A former MLA from Latur district, Bhagwan Khandade, has become the second person in the city to undergo a simultaneous kidney and liver transplant in a south Mumbai hospital on December 21. Khandade got a kidney from his younger brother, whose son donated 65% of his liver. "We thus carried out three simultaneous surgeries between 5am and 3am the next day,'' said surgeons Anurag Shrimal and Gaurav Gupta, of Wockhardt Hospital near Mumbai Central station, who led a 15-member team for the transplants.

Khandade was diagnosed with kidney failure in 2010. "He had an Hepatitis B infection and was being worked up for a transplant in 2013, when we found he had liver failure too,'' said nephrologist and transplant physician, Dr Madan Bahadur, who has been treating Khandade since 2010. But it was only in the last six months that his condition worsened. "I withdrew from public life as I was quite weak,'' said Khandade. His son was not a matching donor, but his brother and nephew were. "My brother needed help and I decided to give my kidney,'' said his donor-brother, Dnyanoba.As Khandade gets discharged on Tuesday, he said, "Each one of us has to struggle, but we should take care to not overexert and give full attention to our health.'' Incidentally, former chief minister Vilasrao Deshmukh who passed away in a Chennai hospital in 2012 for the want of an urgent liver-kidney transplant, also hailed from Latur. "We had in the past discussed our respective health conditions,'' added Khandade.Khandade said the diagnosis of a double transplant did not worry him because he had for decades counselled organ failure patients. "Moreover, I had six years to get used to the idea,'' he said.Dr Bahadur added that it was due to the patient's diligence that he could manage without dialysis for five years despite having a significant kidney and liver failure.Meanwhile, Dr Ravi Mohanka from Global Hospital, Parel, who was a part of the team that carried out the city's first dual transplant in 2014, said the first patient was doing well. "Dual transplants are only needed by patients who have diabetes-related complications or kidney failure patients who acquire viral infections such as Hepatitis C during dialysis,'' he said.

Dr Gustad Daver, who heads the Zonal Transplant Coordination Centre, said such cases underline the need for better cadaver donations. "If there are more cadaveric donations, we will be able to help such patients. We now have regulations in place that allow a patient with kidney and liver failure to get priority,'' said Dr Daver, who is the medical director of H N Reliance Hospital in Girgaum.

Khandade said the government must ensure that less pesticides are used in farms. "We should also ensure that everyone has better access to healthcare with some insurance,'' he said, adding that he would work to spread the message of organ donations.



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