Spine treatment


Mar, 2021

61-year-old Omani patient regains power in limbs to walk again after a spinal decompressions surgery

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A 61-year-old patient from Oman presented with pain in the neck radiating to the radial part of his left arm. The patient also had a difficulty in walking and holding objects and decreased sensation in the left arm for 2 weeks. He also developed the urgency of urination. In the last two months, the patient was not able to walk without support even for a few steps. The patient’s condition…



Jan, 2021

“No more wheelchair, I can walk without pain again” says 55 year old Nigerian. Thanks to Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai India.

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A 55-year-old patient from Nigeria was admitted with features of lumbar canal stenosis with significantly impaired quality of life. The patient had undergone multiple spine surgeries and procedures in the past with an intention for pain relief but without promising results. The patient came to Wockhardt Hospitals, South Mumbai in a wheelchair and was barely able to walk/ stand without pain. He was admitted under Dr. Mazda Turel, Neuro &…



Nov, 2019

World Spine Day 2018 – “LOVE YOUR SPINE!

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Your spine is the most vital connector in your body. Apart from making you stand erect, it provides the sensory pathway to perform voluntary and involuntary functions. Any damage to the spine can be fatal, but can also make the person inactive completely. It is important to take care and in case you feel any discomfort it is important to get yourself assessed. Wockhardt would like to share a case…